Personalised Bedtime Audiostories for Young Children

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“You didn't create stories, you created smiles.”

Carlotta, Mum of Oliver 5 & Emily 4

Imagine stories which feature the child of your choice.

Stories that will surprise and delight.

Stories which ooze love and happiness. 

These original audio stories from Narrated by Lucy are a wonderful, unique gift that you and your children will enjoy listening to again and again. 

For dreams filled with love, laughter and adventure. 

Suitable for children aged 3 to 7.

Lucy's stories are sweet and charming! My 3 & 5 year olds have been delighted with theirs, the personalised elements especially make them laugh and smile. The stories are calming enough for bedtime but also enjoyable to listen to at other times (or on repeat constantly - as happens in our house!). We adore them!

Laura, Mum to two boys

The Stories

There are three audio stories in the collection. You can choose one or a special offer including all three. Each story comes with a complimentary activity sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: the stories are personalizable for ONE child only. Mission to the Moon and Land of Dreams feature the child with a friend or sibling. Happiness is one child with an adult.

1 PERSONALIZED STORY plus complimentary activity sheet : £12

ALL THREE STORIES plus 3 complimentary activity sheets: £26


Mission to the moon

In this story your child has a very special mission to complete.

Press play to listen to a snippet of the story.

BUY NOW £12 

Land of Dreams

A colourful journey into the land of dreams. A favourite pet or toy is lost and needs to be rescued! 

Press play to listen to a snippet of the story.


A little child is searching for the meaning of happiness. What does happiness taste, smell, feel and sound like?

Press play to listen to a snippet of the story.

Please note: I personalise each story with thought, consideration and bags of love, so orders may take between 2 and 4 days to process. 

All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.

"My boys faces as Lucy began narrating the story Mission to the Moon were an absolute picture - they couldn't believe she knew things about them and they were going on an adventure together!"

Emma, Mum of Jonah 7 & Ned 3

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How It Works

Choose the story option - complete the purchase - fill out the form to personalise the story/stories

1. When you complete the purchase you'll receive an email from me with a link to a secure Google form.

2. Add the details requested so that I can personalize the story/stories (this will just take 2-3 minutes of your time).

3. I will process your order as soon as I can. Please allow 2-4 days for delivery. I'll email you again with a link to Dropbox where you can download the mp3 with your story.

Please be rest assured that all the details you provide are safe with me. In fact, I will only retain your email address and name. Once I’ve completed your order, the information you provide to personalize the stories will be deleted entirely.

Why Audio?

Encourages and develops inquisitive thought.

Guilt free i.e. not screen dependent.

It’s hands free.

You can take it anywhere with ease.

A helping hand on those nights when you have no energy to read.

Enhances listening skills.

About me

I've been creating and sharing stories since I was a little girl.

Hello there I’m Lucy. I’m so happy you’ve come to learn more about my audio stories.

I’m a mum of three young children who are very close in age and am also a full-time voice actress. My kiddies love bedtime stories. I’ve read so many I’ve lost count!

They each have a personalised book which they adore but they've always loved audio stories so I thought, aha! why not create personalised audio stories!

Unique, special and relaxing bedtime audio stories tailored to the child of your choice.

I really hope you enjoy them and if you do, I’d love you to share my site with a friend. It would mean the world. 

Sweet dreams,

Lucy x